Testimonials with energy sessions and healing artwork with Catherine Foster

My experience with Catherine is always very inspiring. Catherine is not only an amazing artist she is also an excellent  coach and healer.

Catherine's techniques are very gentle and she kept me aware of next steps at all times. I have been suffering with foot pain for many years now and I had contacted other healers, doctors etc. with no results yet.  In a few sessions with Catherine my foot was relieved by 50%. After each session with Catherine I also felt more relaxed which created more ease in my life. 

Call Catherine, you will love her work and her gentle spirit.

Adrienne MacDonald- Founder of C.A.R.E coaching , Female Success Coach

Catherine's energy work helps you remember who YOU really are (a spiritual being having a human experience). I have had some things that I was struggling with and after two sessions,
I felt better able to face and deal with these things. Catherine is passionate about helping people be free and live the life you dream of. The energy work seems to build on itself (gets stronger and more refined), and I definitely recommend doing at least 3 sessions with Catherine. After two sessions, my creativity is coming back! (I have started quilting after 8 months of not touching my sewing machine or fabric).  After the second session I had a financial win! I have also felt more peaceful in general. Thank you Catherine.
- Jeannine Jonsson 

What ever you did Catherine  during our sessions, has helped me tremendously! My self-esteem seems to be enhancing, my business is growing  tremendously since we have worked on my financial fears, my resentments, my story of un-forgiveness, living in past stories which was just really victimhood for me, zapping me of my energy to be constructive and keeping me depressed.

Catherine's work really help me to heal in areas of my life that were holding me back from being all that I could be and can be. Catherine is one of the most beautiful people I know who gives of her time generously to see people grow and do things in life that they've always wanted to do. She helps you to let go of blocks that keep you stuck in all areas of your life. 

My little dog each time that I began the work with Catherin,  would a immediately  have to be with me, sit at my feet or be on my lap or be near me in someway. He was completely drawn to this healing work that Catherin does. My little dog "Jack" absolutely loved it! 

Very powerful work! I am so happy that I was able to do this with Catherine.  It is really changing my life. Thank you Catherine Foster for your big beautiful heart and your love that is endless! Thank you for being there for me in my dark moments. You turn the darkness into light that's for sure.
-Debra Thain and her dog Jack - Facebook site:  https://www.facebook.com/debraathain

My sessions with Catherine felt like a breeze flowing through my body. A gifted healer and artist, Catherine brings her creativity, intuition and healing energy into everything she does. Her natural enthusiasm for life is contagious. After our session, I felt more clarity along with a deep sense of peace and knowing that change had occurred as my heart and mind aligned. Thank you Catherine for sharing your wisdom, creativity and love for your work. The words trust and faith come to mind as you fully embrace both giving permission for your clients to do the same.- Sheryl Allen www.sherylallen.net


It always feels so effortless, uplifting, and fun working with Catherine! She has an amazing gift in knowing how to support you in the moment in allowing your process to unfold, all while giving you unconditional love, and helping you trust your own inner wisdom. I know I can show up being vulnerable and open because Catherine is able to hold such a sacred space and container of compassion. I am so grateful for the clarity I've received and shifts back to my center in order to go forward with ease and grace in whatever challenge I may have felt. It was as if the challenges resolved effortlessly because it was me who needed to change...not me trying to change the situation. Much Love & Gratitude, Cheryl Berry

Catherine's calm, loving presence worked like a balm on my spirit, so kind and gentle. And the practical tools she provided were new to me and very effective. I especially enjoyed speaking about art and creative expression which was incredibly inspiring to me. I have painted a lot this weekend as a result! Thank you, Catherine!- Jeanne S Alleva